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Vigo Kitchen Faucets Reviews – Updated for 2022

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Vigo Kitchen Faucets Reviews – Updated for 2022

If you’re getting bored with your old taps, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a new one. A high-tech tap will not only update this style but will complete the theme of your modern kitchen. The traditional tap is basic and we’re used to it – if it has water and comes out at a steady pressure, we’re good.

However, over the years, a lot has changed. We have discovered better ways of handling and cooking food. We are much busier in the kitchen and a regular tap doesn’t always keep up.

VIGO is a new manufacturer of kitchen taps. Don’t let that put you off, though. Being a new manufacturer means they have a fresh and modern take on taps. Take their Edison taps as an example. Read on to see VIGO kitchen faucet reviews.

Firstly, looking at Edison from an aesthetic point of view, VIGO has designed it to be unique. However, you could liken it to a commercial-grade tap used by professionals who frequent the kitchen. It is also compact, which makes it suitable for kitchens without the luxury of space.

It may not hold your interest, but for VIGO there is definitely more to it than meets the eye. Continue reading…

vigo kitchen faucets reviews

Features Of The Vigo Kitchen Faucets Reviews

So, how do we start our Vigo kitchen faucet review?

Thought Out Finish

Don’t be too quick to judge Edison’s exterior features. This tap has undergone a 7-layer plating process, which means it has a much more durable finish than other models. VIGO wants to be part of your home for a long time, hence the long plating process. To give you an idea, VIGO’s finish resists corrosion and tarnishing and, incidentally, is above the industry standard when it comes to durability.

Do we also need to mention that this tap has been certified as lead-free? It is also eco-friendly and water-saving. All certifications.

Dual Function

Not all spray patterns are useful and effective, it depends on your needs. If you’re filling a pan with water, a gentle stream of ventilation is not the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re washing your hands, a more powerful stream of water may cause a backsplash. VIGO knows this and they have equipped the Edison with two spray modes.

The best part? The mode can be controlled with a single button. In contrast to other taps, you need to turn it off to bring it back to the default mode. This proves to be much more convenient and practical!


There are times when you would prefer a taller tap and times when you want your spout to be closer to the surface of the sink. With ordinary taps, you have to choose wisely – but with VIGO’s Edison, you don’t even have to worry about this.

It’s a pull-down tap, which means you can bring the spout closer to the surface to avoid the backsplash or just power wash hard-to-remove stains. This reduces the need for you to scrub hard and repeatedly. This also protects the surface of the pan. In addition, if you need to focus on a certain angle, this will certainly do the trick

Another point is that this Edison can be rotated a full 360 degrees. Normally, similar models only allow 150 degrees. So far, VIGO has really taken it to a new level. Imagine putting this tap on a table island sink. With its full rotation, you can roam freely around the kitchen while having full access to the tap.

image002 2

Space Saving

Have a small kitchen? The more you can benefit from Edison. This tap is approximately 18 inches high, so you can easily clean large pots and pans. In addition to this, you can also retract the spout by more than 30 inches. Most likely, if you have a small kitchen, your cooker is an arm’s length away from your sink. Imagine being able to fill a pan by simply extending the spigot, rather than you having to carry the pan back and forth to the cooker.

This also avoids any spills and messes on your countertop! Not to mention, the Edison handle swivels forward so you won’t need as much space on the side. This is surely one of the most compact taps on the market.

Buildup Resistant

When you have a high-tech tap, you might worry about its maintenance because it sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s not the case with VIGO’s Edison. The sprayed surface itself resists mineral build-up, which makes it easy to clean. Just wipe away the dirt and limescale!

image003 2


Pros & Cons of Vigo kitchen faucets

Just like every other tap brand, VIGO Edison has its own pros and cons. So far, we’d say there are more pros than cons. To balance things out, some users have reported low water pressure in their taps. You can try to adjust this with a spray selector. However, if the problem persists, you may want to check with your plumber to get to the bottom of the problem.

Another drawback is that VIGO claims that valves tend to leak after 500,000 uses. However, most people don’t really count the number of times they use their taps, do they? Although VIGO has given hints, users may still be caught off guard when it starts leaking. Especially if a large group of people uses the tap on a daily basis.


  • 5″ Height
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Forward Rotation of Handle
  • Resists Mineral Buildup
  • Hose Extends up to 30″


  • Tends to leak after 500,000 uses
  • Low water pressure


In this Vigo Kitchen Taps review, we have collected some questions and answers from our customers’ comments.

Q: What is the standard warranty?

VIGO offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its kitchen taps. This includes a one (1) year warranty on the spray head components and a five (5) year warranty on the cartridge.

Q: How do I install VIGO’s Edison?

VIGO prides itself on the fact that the Edison can be installed straight away. They have included mounting hardware and water lines. It also comes with a standard top-of-the-range Sedal ceramic disc cartridge which is designed to prevent leaks and can be used up to 500,000 times.

Q: How do I make a warranty claim on a VIGO tap?

In order to make a claim on your tap, you need to register on the VIGO website. You can also contact their hotline so that you can make a claim. Please ensure that you register first!

Q: How do I clean my new tap?

As long as Edison is resistant to mineral build-up, you will still need to clean it with a damp cloth and a mild liquid dish soap to prevent any other build-up.

Q: What’s in the package?

You can buy VIGO Edison with a deck plate or soap dispenser. to match your kitchen theme, this tap is available in chrome, stainless steel, matt black or a combination of steel and black.

Let’s take a look at the VIGO VG02001 ST Edison.

Summing Up Vigo kitchen faucets

So that’s our Vigo kitchen faucets reviews. If you are looking for an upgrade, you can place your bets on the Edison from VIGO. It has a lot of useful features and it makes you efficient in the kitchen too. While the brand is still considered, they have been doing more of what is expected of the industry’s leading kitchen tap manufacturer. They have unique and stylish designs that are both functional and high-tech. If you’ve always wanted to put an uncommon tap design in your kitchen, you’re sure to find one at VIGO.

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