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Moen 7864SRS Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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Moen 7864SRS Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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The smart home is the trend of the future. And Moen is working tirelessly to capture this market.

I first owned the standard version of this tap and then upgraded to the voice-controlled kitchen tap. Both are perfect for anyone who wants the perfect modern kitchen experience.

In the Moen 7864srs kitchen tap review, you will have every detail about all their styles and a report on their daily performance. And everything is organized so that you can easily understand it.

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In this section, you will find every detail about this tap. I have tested this tap thoroughly and the report is here.

But before you get into the details, you can take a look at the main features of this tap.

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The Most Important Features

  • Duralock one-touch installation
  • Powerful cleaning technology
  • Height 15.56, reach. 7.63″
  • Lifetime limited warranty


Moen does not mention the metal type, but I have a strong feeling that it is a stainless steel alloy. You also have a 1255™ Duralast™ cartridge. In the cartridge system, there will also be engineered polymers, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel materials. To prevent backflow, there are two independently operating check valves.

I think these are enough to prove its durability.

Design And Appearance

As you can see in the pictures, it is a single-handle, highly curved tap with a pull-down function. There are nine finishes to choose from. I had the stainless steel in black. But then I found that oil-impregnated bronze was the best. All of them are spotlessly clean and fingerprint resistant.

You can also get it with sensors or voice control. With the motion sensor, you get a touch-free operation. And here are some extra features of the voice-controlled version.

  • Voice control
  • App control
  • Water volume preset control down to 15 ml or a tablespoon
  • Temperature preset control up to 120F
  • Universal commands
  • Motion sensing

Despite this, the voice-controlled version is a bit expensive. And you’ll also need Wi-Fi, a smartphone and an Amazon or Google smart speaker to use it.


Many people find the installation a little difficult as it follows a new set of installation methods that are actually quite easy if you do it right. It uses the Dura Lock system. You need to follow the instructions very well.

This single-hole tap is compatible with the three-hole deck plate which is supplied free of charge. A flexible supply line with a 3/8″ compression fitting is supplied with the tap.

The Sprayer

  • Aerated water flow
  • Pressurised flush
  • Pressurized water flow
  • Powerful clean flush

The typical flow rate is 1.5 GPM. however, I would have liked more.

But the best part here is the high-quality 68″ braided spray hose. It has a smooth reaction force system. Effortlessly docks the spray nozzle and bends as much as you want.


As far as I know, it complies with the following standards

  • ADA
  • California Proposition 65
  • Federal Safe Drinking Water Act
  • California Green and Georgia SB370 requirements

Warranty Description

I understand that the wall of words in a warranty document can be difficult to digest. Let me explain it to you in simpler terms. First, if you are a homeowner, you have a lifetime warranty against leaks, drips and renovation defects. If you have the tap set up in a larger setup, such as a multi-family compound, you will have a ten-year limited lifetime warranty. And for commercial users, it’s five years. These are the basics. If you want to have a better idea, take some time to look at the warranty documentation.


After paying all that money, I guess we can expect magnetic docking. My sister also accidentally turned on the wave faucet while cleaning the sink. There have also been some reviews that the water spray feature doesn’t work at low pressure, but that’s a result of having higher expectations from Moen.

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Frequently asked questions

I know you’ve read this section. That’s why it’s important to go the other way and keep the FAQs.

Q: How does it work for my smart home?

A: In my opinion, Moen is the best fit for a smart home. They have been around for almost a century and they have been an amazing company. Moen has a great app and a set of appliances that you can use to build a whole ecosystem. They also have awesome customer service with a great repair and replacement program. If you’re moving away from a stupid kitchen, Moen would be a smart choice.

Q: Where is it made?

A: It is designed and assembled in the USA. However, some parts may come from abroad.

Q: Is there a matching soap dispenser?

A: There are many. But you can have a look at the model 3942SRS. You can also check their website.

Final Words

I recommend this tap as it is very handy. The convenience factor came up to me repeatedly when doing a review of the Moen 7864srs kitchen faucet. Yes, it can be a bit pricey for some homes. But it will never be a bad investment.

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