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Delta Trinsic Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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Delta Trinsic Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Well, you intend to give your kitchen a dazzling look and top-notch functionality. Plus, you want to amplify your cooking skills. Load your kitchen surfaces with a smart refrigerator, a smart dishwasher, a smart oven.

But it’s very, very impossible to do that without a towering smart faucet standing over your kitchen sink.

Among the creepiest smart faucets; choosing a great performing faucet to decorate your kitchen turns out to be a difficult task. Of all these top-ranked faucets, the Delta Trinsic faucet is worth its weight in gold.

We will go through every factual detail of the Delta Trinsic Faucet review and just stay with the course. This faucet will brighten up the environment of your kitchen.

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Noticeable Main Features

Without rushing into a review, let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features of the Delta Trinsic faucet. This way, you will be able to figure out if the features of this faucet can meet the requirements.

  • The faucet can be easily turned on and off by simply touching the kitchen spout.
  • Built-in TempSense with LED light to monitor the water temperature.
  • The faucet spout is gripped by a strong magnet to prevent it from falling off.
  • The nozzle has a spray system with two functions.
  • Powerful water spray function cleans sink dirt.
  • Less water leakage with the ultra-modern DIAMOND sealing technology.

Main Features

So, you’ve seen the features, have you? Now it’s time for you to dive into the details. Please read this section to learn more about its features.

Touch On And Off

Keeping your hands busy all the time can make you feel bad. Worse yet, with so many plates in your hands, it’s hard to turn the faucet on.

The Delta Trinsic faucet comes to your rescue with its advanced touch facility. Just touch the spout with your wrist or fingertip and you’re good to go.111 Water will flow like a breeze.

You can even turn it on and off by touching your forehead. You’re right, as long as your skin is on your body, there is no question of turning it on and off.

Besides, you can turn it on and off with gloves on. In short, with or without gloves, just touch the lower part of the faucet and it will start pouring water for you.

Magnetic Base

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Typical faucets have a common problem. The rod or hose usually hangs like a cow’s tail. The Delta Trinsic faucet 9159T-AR-DST is designed with a magnetic docking system. Thus, the nozzle is held in a fixed position with the help of a powerful magnet.

With this magnetic docking system, the spray head stays locked to the faucet. Therefore, the faucet will not fall into the sink and give you trouble in your work.

Temperature Indicator

Cleaning up greasy, sticky plates and pans after a party can be very hard on you. And traditional faucets tend to light them up with scalding hot water that leaves your hands amazed.

The Delta Trinsic turns that around with its Tempsene feature. It is equipped with an LED light that indicates the temperature of the water. The light turns blue to indicate cold water, purple to indicate warm water and red to indicate hot water.

In addition, this faucet will keep you away from the pain of unnecessary and crazy water spray burns. In addition, the LED light will also notify you when to change the battery.


The Delta Trinsic is uniquely designed and manufactured to make life simple and convenient for people. It is elegantly assembled with Touch2o technology.

This faucet is available in four stunning finishes. Namely, a thin layer of chrome-plated, Arctic stainless steel finish, just like stainless steel but with a deep matte color.

Then there is a sophisticated champagne bronze finish, painted gold. Finally, a Venetian bronze finish with a shiny bronze appearance.


While most faucets have the typical low-standard sealing system. This faucet features modern and innovative DIAMOND sealing technology. This means that it has a ceramic disc with an embedded diamond coating that prevents the seal from wearing out.

In addition, the supply line of the lnnoflex Pex is merged with the faucet to reduce one leak point. As a result, this faucet lasts twice as long as the industry standard, i.e. 500,000 cycles.

Easy To Clean

Delta Trinsic has a built-in touch-activated spray hole. Therefore, you can clean the faucet with just a touch of your finger. You don’t have to use caustic chemicals to clean the calcium and lime that remain after long use.

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Easy To Install

This faucet has so many shiny features that installing it in your kitchen sink won’t take you long. There are two easy installation processes for this faucet: 3-hole installation and single-hole installation.

You must purchase the deck plate RP64070AR in order to install it in the 3-hole system, creating a clearance of 8 inches and 10.25 inches wide in each hole.

Value and Price

DST is a bit pricey, but faucets vary in material, size and function. In addition, Delta offers categories depending on the single faucet, pull-down faucet, and touch faucet.

So, you get the idea, right? Typically, prices range from $200 to $600 and up.

Things To Know Before Buying A Faucet

Now that you’re here, don’t rush and play your cards right. Just follow the most important things to know before buying a faucet mentioned below.


The faucet can be set on the wall or on the deck. Therefore, you have to choose how you 1Vant to decorate your kitchen, depending on the surrounding atmosphere.

The Look Of The Faucet

You want your kitchen to be elegant and dazzling, sweeping off the feet of anyone who views it. Therefore, you will have to be a little careful while choosing the color finish of the faucet which is mainly bronze, gold, and stainless steel at an affordable price.


Faucets usually have a rotating moving handle to adjust the temperature of the water. Alternatively, there are now touchless faucets to ease your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the delta Trinsic faucet right for you?

A: If you want a beautiful, durable, innovative sink faucet, then; yes, it’s for you.

Q: Why choose a Delta Trinsic faucet?

A: Delta Trinsic faucets are available in a variety of products to meet the exact needs of every valued customer. While some of these products may cost you a little money, it’s worth it.

Q: Are Delta Trinsic faucets lead-free?

A: Delta Trinsic faucets are completely lead-free and fully compliant with water safety standards as they are ANSI/NSF 61/9 certified.

Q: Are Delta Trinsic faucets cost-saving?

A: This faucet reduces water leakage due to its unique diamond sealing system and the amount of inflow per supply line.

In addition, it has a wonderful mechanism that automatically stops the water flow after 4 minutes. Therefore, it saves on water bills and water waste.

Q: How does the Delta Trinsic faucet work?

A: The Delta Trinsic faucet runs on 6 AA alkaline batteries, which are included. (Again, it can be operated by an AC adapter purchased separately.)

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  • Turns on and off by touch. Cost-effective.
  • Reduces water leakage through the DIAMOND seal.
  • Magnetic spray bar fixing base.
  • 2 nozzles for spray function.
  • Pressure-free cleaning.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Cheap plastic sprayer.
  • Has leaks after a few years.

Final Words

In our Delta Trinsic faucet review, we’ve looked at almost every fine to major detail. We’ve explained how it gives you a lot of benefits, but with a little bias, because there are two sides to every coin.

In the end, we hope you will make the most informed decision to buy this smart and outstanding sink faucet.

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