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Delta Kate Kitchen Faucet Single-Handle Reviews

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This is a unique piece. You don’t often see taps of this modern design, as any flaws in the manufacturer are boldly displayed.

But you are dealing with Delta Kate Kitchen Faucet.

And any reviewer like me knows how accurate the Delta manufacturer is. As well as style, you get all the standard Delta features. And the price is what you would expect from this quality and style.

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If you prefer the professional installation to DIV, simply search for ‘install taps’, fill in your requirements and they will send you up to four bids for free.

Reviews of Delta Kate Kitchen Faucet

Here you can see the full anatomy of the faucet and its performance with surgical precision.

But before we get into the personal, let’s look at the top features of the Delta Kett – the

The Most Important Features

  • DIAMOND sealing technology
  • Two functions: spray and steam
  • 20” pull-down hose
  • Delta mounting system
  • ADA compliant

Delta Kate Kitchen Faucet


Appearance And Finishes

This is a modern tap that brings a contemporary look to your kitchen. Its design is clean and simple. You have two finishes, stainless steel and chrome. Both are resistant to all kinds of damage and you also have a warranty.

Finish. It has a length of 9.2511 and a height of 14.311



When it comes to durability, brass is by far the dominant material on the market. It’s the reason why older taps used to last for decades, and this one is made from the same material.

Thanks to the Diamond Seal ceramic disc technology, you can also get a guarantee from Delta that this tap will remain twice as leak-free as the industry standard. It also doesn’t require any lubrication and will reduce damage.

Flow Rate

Followers of my blog know that I like the higher pressure of 2.2 GPM. But 1.8 GPM (60 OSI) is not bad, and that’s what you get with this tap. However, the water flows smoothly and the aerator does its job perfectly.

Sprayer Head

The nozzle head has two functions

  • Spraying water
  • Flowing water

Both functions feel strong, but there is no backpacking. The switch to switch between the functions is also ergonomic and easy to use. You also have a 20″ hose and a magnetic docking system to make it even more comfortable.


It has three integral mounting systems. As you already know from the pictures, there won’t be any deck plates. You can use two of its holes, but you may want to skip the dispenser. These three holes will be occupied by the tap, the prayer and the soap dispenser. And, you will have the PEX supply line with the faucet.

Installation is easy as it is mostly intuitive. I didn’t find the instruction manual too helpful.

The Convenience Factor

No matter how functional your tap is, it all boils down to the convenience of everyday use. And the whole tap is designed to be easy to operate.

For a start, like all Delta taps of this fury, it has a soft rubber spray hole with minimal calcium build-up. And it’s easy to clean too. You also have a smooth retraction. The weight is perfectly balanced and the magnetic docking system snaps the tap into place.

The hot and cold water controls, as well as the speed control, are spot on. The island sink will pay for itself with its 360° swivel capability.


The tap follows Deltas’ usual warranty policy, as shown in the table below –

Regular users Commercial users
On parts and finish (other than electronic parts and batteries) Limited lifetime warranty 5 years
On electronic parts (other than batteries) 5 years 1 year

pexels photo 105934

The Cons

The installation manual could have been shorter and easier to understand. I also think the hot and cold markings should have been a little clearer. Otherwise, this tap is good for the price. I would like to see more options for finishes though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions asked by consumers interested in this tap –

Q: Can I order it without a water dispenser?

A: I know that many of you may have spare dispensers from previous taps, but you cannot order without a dispenser.

Q: What size should my sinkhole be?

A: The size of your sinkhole should be 1 3/8 (35mm).

Q: Can I stop the water without retracting it?

A: To stop the water completely you will need to retract and place the tap in the center position.

Final Words on Delta Kate Kitchen Faucet 

Here you can see the full review of the Delta Kate kitchen faucet. If you like it, don’t hesitate to buy it. It is worth every penny. But make sure they are compatible with your sink.

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