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Best 36 Inch Kitchen Sinks: The Heart of our Kitchen

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Best 36 Inch Kitchen Sinks: The Heart of our Kitchen

best 36 inch kitchen sinks reviews

A defective burner can cause problems with cooking food; it’s not a big problem to deal with. But a defective kitchen sink? It will turn your home into a gutter and immediately clog up your life.

If you don’t want this to happen, invest some more time to go through the best 36-inch kitchen sink reviews and see how they can change the entire functionality of your kitchen.

That way you won’t be stuck with the sinks we’ve shown here and choose your own, a complete buying guide will accompany you to the end. Let’s flush out all your old misconceptions about kitchen sinks.

Come see why you should or should not choose one of these kitchen sinks. Get a firm grip.

1. Kraus KWF410-36 KORE Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 36 inches
  • Depth: 10 inches
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Finish: Satin
  • Weight: 31.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 36 x 20.25 x 10.5 inches

If you have a small kitchen space, this is arguably the best 36-inch stainless steel sink available. This single bowl sink has a depth of 10 inches and is deep enough to accommodate large dishes.

It is made of 16 gauge stainless steel and has a brushed finish that gives it a stunning look that blends in with any kitchen. The coating also protects the sink from rusting.

The depth isn’t the same everywhere. It’s a bit sloped on one side of the drain, half an inch to be exact, to allow water to drain efficiently.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, it will hardly dent no matter how harshly you treat it. The single-bowl design will save a lot of space, but allows you to clean all your dishes without much effort.

A stainless steel grid is placed at the bottom of the sink for easy drainage. This also prevents the bottom of the sink from being scratched or dented. Krauss sets a standard for stainless steel sinks.

2. Ruvati Verona RVH9300 36″ Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 36 inches
  • Depth: 10 inches
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22 x 36 x 10 inches

Ruvati makes some serious kitchen sinks. This single-bowl model is one of the best, if not the best, 36-inch kitchen sinks. It has the same depth as the previous sink.

But here the recess is more prominent, making it easier for water to drain. The offset drain is a standard size. The corners of this sink are not perfectly square. Instead, they are somewhat rounded, so you can clean them with less effort.

It works great in your kitchen and makes cleaning so smooth that you will quickly fall in love with it. You get some essential accessories on the sink like a drying rack, colander and a strainer in a basket. Now there are no food scraps to get into the waste pipe and clog the sink.

Everything here is so well executed that once you buy this sink, you don’t need to worry about it at all. The materials and build quality are top notch. As a result, its performance and durability is above any question.

3. Sarlai 36 Inch Farmhouse Sink

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 36 inches
  • Depth: 1O inches
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Weight: 50.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22 x 36 x 1O inches

This is the perfect 36″ undercounter sink for the modern kitchen. The matte black sink’s brushed finish will easily fit the modern look of your kitchen interior.

As an undermount kitchen, the top edge of the sink will be flush with the countertop. Therefore, no waste will get stuck in the narrow holes, which often happens in the case of overhead sinks.

This sink is made of 16-gauge stainless steel, which protects the sink from dents and rusting. Plus, the apron on the front of the sink will add a little character to your kitchen.

Although it has only one bowl, it is large enough and deep enough to accommodate larger pots and pans. The bottom surface has diagonal channels for easy drainage. Everything will find its place in this sink.

It comes with a bunch of useful accessories that will make your time in the kitchen much easier. With a 3-month money-back guarantee, Sarlai is there to keep an eye on you.

4. Mocoloo 36″ Undermount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 36 inches
  • Depth: 1O inches
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Weight: 48.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 33.3 x 22.7 x 12.1 inches

This is a little different in size from the regular 36 x 22 kitchen sink. The exterior dimensions of the sink are a bit large, so you will need that much cabinet space before installing this undercounter sink.

But once you get it installed, it will definitely give your kitchen an extra sparkle. The materials used here are top-notch. Like all the other products we chose today, it is built with 16-gauge steel, which is quite heavy and durable.

It offers the same single bowl configuration as the previous product. Even the depth is the same. It has a standard drain and you can get all the necessary accessories.

A stainless steel grid will be located at the bottom to keep the bottom of the e sink from being scratched or dented and to maintain faster drainage. There will be no chance of water seepage and no damage to your cabinets.

For smaller kitchens, where you usually clean fewer but larger pots and pans on a regular basis, this sink would be a good choice.

5. Kingsman ARL-F3619 36 Inch Undermount  Kitchen Sink

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 36 inches
  • Depth: 1O inches
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Weight: 11.97 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19 x 36 x 10 inches

We’ll end this stack of reviews with this lightweight kitchen sink that has a stunning brushed finish and is made of professional grade stainless steel. As a result, it is easy to get incorporated in any home or professional kitchen.

Unlike all the other products on this list, this sink does not have any apron fronts. As a result, the front may not look as good as the previously mentioned sinks. But at the same time, it will make the countertop look cleaner.

The length of this sink is the same as other products, but the width is a bit smaller. Therefore, you may face a difficulty in fully sinking a large pot with a long handle.

But the overall build quality is up to par. It even has pads for dampening the sound when using the sink. Although there are grooves on the bottom, the sharp corners can be a bit difficult to wipe down.

Still, it has that charm for modern kitchens, with materials that are resistant to denting and rusting. Give it a try.

Best 36 Inch Kitchen Sinks Buying Guide

Why don’t you take some more time to realize what the key to buying the best 36 inch kitchen sink is? We promise not to bother you with common factors like many other websites do. Here you go.


When it comes to kitchen sinks, material is the most important factor to consider. No matter what the style of the sink is, it should last for decades without any dents or scratches.

18-gauge steel sinks are simply great, but they are not as strong and dent resistant as 16-gauge steel sinks. So make sure the sink you buy is made of 16 gauge steel.

14-gauge steel can be better, but it will have unnecessary weight. You can also choose materials such as natural stone, granite composite, or fireclay.

Top-Mounted Or Bottom-Mounted?

It’s easy to understand from the name. Top-loading kitchen sinks are set from the top of the countertop, with the edges of the sink located on either side of the countertop.

Undermount sinks are installed from the bottom of the cavity, usually nestled in the bottom of the countertop. Top-mounted sinks are easy to install and replace. They are also less costly.

Undermount sinks are more difficult to install. You also need to spend more money on them, but they look really cool. In the case of undercounter sinks, it’s easier to sweep the trash into the sink.

Single Or Double Tank?

There is a lot of debate about which one is best. If you want to wash small utensils and dishes on one side and rinse vegetables or fruit on the other, a double-bowl sink would be perfect.

But double-bowl sinks have less space in each compartment and are not suitable for washing large pots and pans. You’ll get the most out of your single-bowl kitchen sink if you include a drainage basket.

Number Of Holes

It is crucial to calculate how many faucet holes are in your sink. This will let you know which accessories can be used with the sink. For example, if there is only one hole, you can use a faucet with a single handle.

But for multi-purpose use, you will need faucets with agitators to match hot and cold water. An extra hole will make soap dispensing easier. Therefore, please check the number of holes according to your wishes.

Sink Size

In most cases, the width of the sink is 22 inches. While you can take a wider sink, this size will fit almost any standard kitchen. Try to make sure the sink is at least 10 inches deep. As a gentle reminder, undermount sinks are usually deeper than overmount sinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about kitchen sinks. Please see these questions.

What should the cabinet size be to install a 36-inch kitchen sink?

You will need at least 39 inches of cabinet space to install a 36-inch sink.

Between stainless steel and porcelain, which sink is more durable?

Porcelain sinks usually last longer than stainless steel sinks. However, in this case, you will need to take proper care. For general use, a stainless steel sink will be best in stressful situations.

Which is better, a single bowl sink or a double bowl sink?

Single bowl sinks take up less space and are suitable for small kitchens. A double bowl sink, on the other hand, has more versatility.

Is a granite sink better than a stainless steel one?

Granite sinks are tough and durable. They are less noisy than steel sinks. But granite sinks can be expensive.

Are farmhouse sinks and apron sinks the same?

They are almost the same, with just a slight difference in design language and features.

Final Thoughts

Sink models may be outdated, but the best 36-inch kitchen sink will never let you down when it comes to providing space for cleaning. It’s so close to your health that you should never let a sink into your kitchen that you’re not comfortable with.

Emphasize practicality, drainage, overall build quality, durability, functionality, appearance, etc. to get a sink job you’ll love. Don’t let anything else come between you and a clean, healthy kitchen.

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